We are alone.

(En español)

Yesterday, a beautiful rainy Sunday, we had a family luncheon. Although it was cloudy, and we had some light rain, we set the grill and all that it was needed for family time.

Later, alone, I thought about my parents and siblings. How great it was to get together and enjoy moments. I remembered friends and parties, school days. Always having a good time with dear ones.

At the end, we are alone. We are individuals searching for answers, for the meaning of life, if we are lucky. There are some things that we must solve alone.

Life has taken me to Zen practice. I seat by myself, in silence, looking inwards. I seat alone, in silence, to live the moment, hoping I will find peace, hoping I can make contact with the being that dwels in me.

Alone, knowing that there are others that make a companionship. Others that let me understand, that may help me enjoy life, that can help me love myself. If I love myself, I might be able to love others, to feel compassion.

Author: G Ruizlimón

A visual artist in a spiritual path of detachment, decluttering, meditation and health. / Un artista visual en un camino espiritual hacia el desapego, la meditación y costumbres más saludables ( https//pedaleandoelsendero.wordpress.com )

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