Conviction or comfort?

It was almost noon. I looked through the window, the possibility of rain was there. It was a 15 minute ride, and the return. Should I take my bike or not?

I’m one of those that keep promoting the bicycle as an alternative way of moving in the city. But San Luis Potosí, like many other cities in Mexico, is not the best place to venture on a bike. Any how, I keep on doing it, I promote it. But on a rainy day?

I was in the moment of decision, I needed to be on time. Conviction or comfort? I took my yellow poncho for the rain, my backpack, and there I was, riding my beloved Tern.

The ride was nice, there was no rain, and the feeling of being a good guy was great.

Author: G Ruizlimón

A visual artist in a spiritual path of detachment, decluttering, meditation and health. / Un artista visual en un camino espiritual hacia el desapego, la meditación y costumbres más saludables ( https// )

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