Starting a new year

(en español)

2020 was really something. The lockdown, due to the pandemic, changed a lot of things for all. I had to learn to teach online. I lost dear ones. I learned and confirmed some things of value, like friendship.
One thing that I knew and I had the chance to reassure is that I am finite. Life may end in a moment.

I have been trying to declutter. I see images of beautiful clean and simple interiors, but it seems that I am more of a baroque soul than a clean minimalist. I most say, though, that I’ve done a fairly good job in cleaning my mess.

Art has become my main activity, after many many years of teaching. The time has come for me to be working in my studio again.

It seems that writing is also back. It’s not that I’m that great at it, but I like to tell stories, and writing gives me that chance. I’m using a pen name, chosen as a tribute to my maternal grandmother, a great character.

Finally, I am at the last semester of my second master degree. It keeps me very excited to learn new things, that I may be using to work with others to discover new ways of dealing with life and its complications.

So I’m starting the new year with thankfulness, joy and expectation. With projects that will keep me rolling.

Author: Limón

A Zen practitioner, mindfulness coach (Happiitude) in a spiritual path of detachment, decluttering, meditation and health. Member of the International Satsang Association / Practicante de zen, coach de mindfulness (Happiitude) y facilitador en desarrollo humano, en un camino espiritual hacia el desapego, la meditación y costumbres más saludables. Miembro de la International Satsang Association ( https// )

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