Always or again.


Early in the morning, the alarm wakes me up. I go outside to feel the new day. Then, I get ready to zazen.

Everyday I do the same. Now, is it again or always?

Since it is a repeated activity on a daily basis, one could think that the answer to the question is always. But somehow I feel that, with such an answer, the activity may turn just into a repetitive action that is done as a habit.

So what I have found that works for me is, first, to look, and watch the sky, and thank for the day. You know, every time the sunrise is not the same, the colour of the sky, clouds, the way they look or the absence of them, temperature, makes each morning a new experience.

Then, I get the sense of this particular day, of this particular experience. I get conscious of the moment, ang get ready for zazen.

It may be a trick for the mind, but it works for me. The daily experience becomes an “again”, not an “always”.

Author: Limón

A Zen practitioner, mindfulness coach (Happiitude) in a spiritual path of detachment, decluttering, meditation and health. Member of the International Satsang Association / Practicante de zen, coach de mindfulness (Happiitude) y facilitador en desarrollo humano, en un camino espiritual hacia el desapego, la meditación y costumbres más saludables. Miembro de la International Satsang Association ( https// )

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