For the past 50 decades I have been searching for a path to know who I am and how to be in touch with God. It has not always been easy, but the travel has been great.

I am in a personal search, biking the path. Here I share some thoughts, experiences and the joy of living.

I am Guillermo, but people call me Limón. I was trained as a graphic designer, but my eyes have been in art before that. I worked as a designer, but been a professional artist for the last 30 something years.

I got involved in teaching by an invitation, when I was 19. Since then, I haven’t stopped: drawing, painting, design, geometry, English, Spanish, tae kwon do. I have a Master Degree in Education.

This experience led me to start talking with my students. They would approach me for some guidance, to talk about some issues, just to be heard. That’s why now I’m studying for a master degree in Human Development. The chance to help others find their own way, take decisions, be happier. This is a win win act, since I have to keep track on the path chosen for me.

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