Starting up!

For some time, I have tried to make some changes. What am I trying to achieve? Only to live a better life. Everything started with my search of a more profound spirituality, and in doing so, I discovered that there are changes I must do in order to live better.

For example, because I’m a person with certain lack of order, and with a tendency to clutter, there is the need of throwing away things, papers, and even to get rid of ideas and conducts that I keep on carrying around, more like a ballast than an advantage.

I belong to an association, International Satsang Association, that helps me on my spiritual search. I practice zazen with a Soto Zen group. I’m trying to improve my eating and health habits, although I smoke pipe.

As for the name of the blog. Well, it happens that I think that the bicycle is a great object, and I love it. It helps me to commute, I use it to move around and exercise. It also allows me to internalize and think. So, in a way, what I share here it has to pass through the filter of wandering on my bicycle, biking the path.